2013 Chrysler 200 Convertible

The rear lights of the car – their purpose and types

Any car lighting system consists of lighting, signaling devices located inside and outside the vehicle. System functions are to illuminate the road with limited visibility – at night, at dusk, during fog, to alert other drivers of the presence on the road another vehicle, on maneuvers, dimensions, nature of the movement, for lighting the luggage compartment, the car interior etc.

rear lights of the car

Taillight combines:

  • lights- dimensions;
  • stop – signals;
  • light device, signaling about the turning and moving back of the car.

Placing the rear lighting of the car body and trunk lid is performed in pairs, symmetrically by single unit or as two interconnected unit. Work of rear position lamps integrated with the front ones, sometimes with a stop signal. In this case, we use separate LED incandescent lamps, or bulbs, with two threads having different light intensity.