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Do we have to clean the car engine?

Do we have to clean the car engine?

In this article we will talk about how it is necessary to wash the car engine, and what dangers it faces.

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Engine is necessary to wash because:

    • Dirty engine quickly overheats. All contaminated elements impair heat transfer and this is why overheating occurs;
    • Dirty engine often fails. Due to overheating the engine oil becomes sticky, which leads to the fact that the motor elements break. The deposition of dirt on the probe results in the fact that it penetrates into the sump and lead to wear of friction parts;
    • often dirty engine becomes the cause of fire. Oil deposits on it can break;
    • at dirty engine is low resource, which leads to the fact that it is impossible to predict damage.

In case of selling a vehicle car engine must be washed. And all the cars owners should be aware that it should be washed at least once a year. Optimally you should apply into a well-established service center where experts qualitatively clean your engine.