2013 Chrysler 200 Convertible

2013 Chrysler 200 Convertible – car Review

Anybody this is my cursing within we’ll time this week we’re looking at the 2013 Chrysler 200 limited convertible. Popular vehicle. Part of the ad campaign imported from the Troy this thing is really you know come back to life. For years this was basically the scene. Sebring convertible. Customers who really love this. You know the. Press wind everybody panned it about this about that. For that owned it. They loved it. I can see why it’s a nice car it’s nothing great. But it doesn’t do anything bad it does a lot of things very very well. It’s a hot rod spot a race car it’s not terribly sexy. But I take what you can get deals on a $34000 a 4 seater. Convertible it’s there. With the top down this car looks great and it the best thing about it it’s so quiet even with the top down if you put the windows up it’s got the optional windscreen on there this thing is so quiet the engine. It’s a 3.6 liter V6 the pentastar, V6 crate engine.

Chrysler 200 Convertible But it’s got a 6 speed automatic transmission doesn’t have the 8 speed yet but it’s great. It’s comfortable it’s got plenty of power in the betting is quiet and the stereo sounds great. So the interior. Steve because god is here because that power seats. Dual zone climate control heated seats. Whether. Nice Cup holders. Good lookin dash. Nice gauges. Classic Upscale. Only $34000 hopes this thing is a bargain. And that’s that’s their asking price before you go to the dealer and get a. And and start working your magic. Now this particular model had I put up the optional so. HID headlights for Chrysler 200 http://beedlelight.com/chrysler-200/headlights.html and led headlight. Screen here that’s got nice backseat plenty around. But with this screen out. You can we cruise along when this up arco’s 50 degrees there 55 degrees on cruise Cruisin we just tee shirt on very comfortable and very quiet I can talk on the phone in disgust and still get the race in the sunshine.

Now I’m sure the next year so they’re gonna really upgrade this thing and probably go crazy with it but until then you can get that deals on up. Look at the back of this thing. Like I said the looks on this thing are pretty nice little Monday but you know it’s just. There’s nothing I can find really wrong with it about chrome exhaust tips. It runs good it feels good it’s comfortable it’s quiet you can hold a campus conversation but still a convertible. You do lose a lot of fun space at the top top down. But it’s still worth it. Anybody that’s interested in a convertible with 4 seats 20 room in the backseat. Need to look at the Chrysler 200. It’s a great alternative you know the. Toyota to make the Celera there’s just not a lot but not a lot of a 4 seater convertible Dr this one has 20 rooms you can take you can take 2 couples and enjoy the weekend. This is my cursing within will time. See you next week you can also find out more about us on Facebook Facebook forward slash in will time or can find this video on in real time.com. We’ll talk to you next week.